Simplify Estate Administration

GateHouse is an easy to use Access Management Application for Residential Estates and Gated Communities specially built to monitor, control and secure access into residential areas.

GateHouse Features Overview

Gate House delivers a very comprehensive set of features allowing estate owners and facility managers to improve access into their estates, thereby increasing security within the estate.

Easy Visitors Booking

Easy Visitors Booking

Easy Check-in of visitors

Easy Check-in of visitors

Guest Arrival Notification

Guest Arrival Notification

Easy Rebooking

Easy Rebooking/Multiple Entry Booking>

Blacklisting Erring Visitors

Blacklisting Erring Visitors>

Residents Check-in & checkout

Residents check-in and checkout

Transaction module

Transaction module for paying estate subscription and other service fees


Monitor and track activities

Estate Management module

Robust Estate Management module

Role Based Access

Role based features allow access to only required features


Allows estate managers to have up-to-date information about residents within the estate, building occupancy, number of access into the estate daily, etc.

How to start Using GateHouse

Get started with Gatehouse in five simple steps

Sign Up

Sign Up your Estate or Gated Community for access to GateHouse


Estate Definition

We define your Estate, Apartment Complexes or Gated Community


Resident Setup

We bulk load all building and resident information and set the policies


Staffing Setup

We set up security staff’s access to portal


Go Live

We set up a go-live date, send your residents information on how to login, and just wait to start enjoying the ease of management GateHouse guarantees.

What do you need to implement GateHouse

Every gated community/residential estate is different. An assessment will be made before we implement and we will submit a pre-implementation report. However, the following provides a guide for you as you prepare for your implementation.

Equipment Requirements

At the entrance to your estate, your security officers need to have the following.
1) A tablet or laptop with minimum of one USB Port
2) A QR Code Scanner with suitable cable length (about 1.5m) or the wireless model

It is recommended that you have one set of scanner/tablet for managing entry traffic and another set for exit traffic. If you have separate pedestrian access, you may also want to have one for managing pedestrian traffic.

Staffing Requirements

For any one entrance into the estate or community, it is recommended to have two Gate Officials with one set of scanner/tablet each for managing entry traffic and another set for exit traffic. If more than one gate entrance point, you may want to increase the number of equipped gate official.

Tech Requirements

The gatehouse needs to have a reasonable stable broadband internet access to be able to interact with the visitors’ data on the server. In the Back office, a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser with access to broadband internet.